Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A loss is a loss

I was really wanting to have a big number on the
weight loss journey this week but sadly it's just one pound.
So that brings the total to 16 pounds.
It's hard to not get discouraged when you don't get the numbers you want, but I have to think about the fact that I'm down 16 pounds.
Plus I've not been exercising at all like I should be,
so that's my goal this week.
I'm shooting for a 3-4 pound loss at next weeks weigh in
 to make up for this one.
With the kids birthday's next month I really would like to
hit my goal of 30 pounds by Kellen's birthday, which I
think is doable if I would just get moving.
So we'll see!
I get so bored with exercising so if anyone has any tips
feel free to throw them out there!
Joe and Kellen this weekend when the weather was still nice

1 comment:

  1. CongratulationsFalon!!' awesome job on the wright loss! Iya no easy feat!! I willbe loosing 70-80 after my baby:) but I've done it many times!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!