Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch up

I honestly feel like this year is flying by.
Yesterday I checked to see when the last time I had put a post on here and it was October 4th!
So this one is just going to be some highlights of what has been going on around here.

  • Liv got some cowboy boots from her great grandpa pop. Which she proceeded
    wear every day for a week straight it seemed like.

  • Kellen is up to 7 teeth now! He has been pulling up for the past month and
    is now starting to let go and just stand by himself.
  • Some fun days at the park.

  • Liv and I went and got our hair cut. This was the second time she has
    ever got it trimmed. And when I say she got it cut, she has probably had
    a total of a half inch cut off in her whole 2 1/2 years of life.

  • While getting her haircut they put bright red lip gloss on her. She loved it!
  • My birthday was in the middle of October. Liv loved blowing the candles out
    and her favorite thing to say for about 3 weeks was "Happy Birthday TO YOU!"

  • We've had lots of picnics in the playroom. Mainly eating "cake and carrots."
  • I've been trying to meal plan for the week. It's hard to come up with new things to eat, but Pinterest has been very helpful :)
  • The night before Halloween Liv and I made pumpkin and ghost cookies.

  • Halloween was fun. Liv was Little Red Riding Hood, and Kellen was the Big
    Bad Wolf, or as Liv would say a "good wolf."

Mom and Kellen

  • Kellen is starting to take one long nap in the middle of the day. For the past week
    I have got them both to go down for naps at the same time and its been wonderful!
  • We've taken some nightly Kubota rides.

  • We went to my parents house and Liv loved playing on the mulch piles. Kellen
    enjoyed riding on my mom's shoulders.

  • I'm loving looking through my pictures after Liv plays with my phone. She's
    getting pretty good about taking pictures and actually getting a subject in the frame.

  • Joe and I's anniversary was last week. We ended up trying a new Italian restaurant.
    The food was fabulous and I can't wait to go back!
  • Last night Joe's sister came and spent the night with us. Liv was really excited for "Rachie"
    to stay. We had a great dinner that included some yummy garlic bread, which I'm going to try
    and get posted on here sometime this week.

    So there is a short recap of our last couple of weeks!

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