Friday, June 8, 2012

Sleep over

Thursday night Liv went to spend the night with Joe's parents, Nay Nay and Paw Paw.
I love when Liv helps me pack her bag.
After I had all of her clothes in it I always ask her if there are any toys she wants to take.
It's always a surprise to see what she comes back with.
For this trip she had 3 stuffed animals (frog, fox, and horse), a light up bracelet,
princess crown, Rex flashlight, and corn on the cob.

 Liv was so excited to go.

 It was nice to have some time with just Kellen and I.
I know he doesn't get near the attention Liv did when she was little.
But I guess that's expected when you have more than one child.

Kellen and I made a quick detour over at my parents house, where Poppy got lots smiles.
Then we were off to the store where I had to get some last minute
 ingredients for a birthday cake I have to make today.
I'll be sure and let you know how it turns out!

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  1. So cute! Love the assortment of stuff she decided to pack. Miss you all!!