Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Reunion

Wow! What a weekend!
We were suppose to leave the house Thursday night to head on down to my
family's reunion. But Joe ended up having to work, so we left Friday.
We always have a golf tournament on Friday but this year, since
I just had Kellen, I decided to sit it out. Joe was going to play but ended up working
late and missed it. So instead of being rushed that morning we took our time
getting down there and it was really nice.
Liv went on down Thursday night with my parents, so it was just
Joe, Kellen and I.

Friday night we had a big family dinner at the "lodge."
I would say there was around 60 family members that attended this year.
I'm really blessed to be apart of a family that does this.
I've been going to it since I was born and its so neat to be able to keep in
touch with all these family members.

I swear Liv is going through a growth spurt because she ate nonstop the whole weekend!

Saturday, for those who wanted to, there is a float trip.
Joe and I opted out with two small kids, but I know it won't be long
till we are all four loaded up in a canoe together.
So instead my parents, Joe, and I all took Liv
on her first boat ride.
I wasn't quite sure what she would think of it.
She loves to sit in the boat and honk the horn but going 30 mph on the lake is a little different.
I'm happy to say she absolutely loved it!
I would have been shocked if she didn't though, since boating and fishing is in our blood!

Kellen took many baths in the sink, how cute is he?

Liv spent a lot of time looking out at the lake.

Joe and Liv

View from our cabin.

Liv went to feed the fish.

The fish were huge and very hungry!

Kellen and I.

Sunday we had "chapel" with our Uncle Bones officiating.
It's always nice to get together one last time and have a church service and reflect on the weekend.
Joe and I (for the first year) were in no hurry to get home,
so we took our time packing and let Liv play at the playground one last time before we set off.
We had such a fun time this year. 
 We also had to get some pictures for Fathers Day.
I'm truly blessed with a wonderful husband and father to our children!

Happy Fathers Day!


  1. What a fun time we had. Just love ready what you have written and looking at the pictures. Can't wait to read more.
    Love ya, Sandy

  2. reading---NOT ready